Greek Spaghetti Dishes

There is a huge variety of Spaghetti dishes among them most popular is Makaronia me Kima. In Greece the spaghetti dish is called Makaronada and the spaghetti Makaronia.
Here is a list of Spaghetti dishes from Greece many of them are equivalent with the Italian ones.
Makaronia me Saltsa – Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Makaronia Carbonara – Spaghetti with fresh Creme and bacon
Astakomakaronada – Spaghetti with Lobster
Makaronia me Kreas – Spaghetti with meat
Makaronia Fournou – Spaghetti in the Avon
Makaronia me Tyri – Spaghetti plain with cheese
Makaronia roquefort – Spaghetti with blue cheese
Makaronia me Garides – Spaghetti with Shrimps
Makaronia me Mydia – Spaghetti with Mussels
Makaronia me Moshari kokinisto – Spaghetti with Beef in red sauce
Makaronia me Kotopoulo kokinisto – Spaghetti with chicken in tomato sauce
Makaronia me Arni Kokinisto – Spaghetti with Lamb in tomato sauce
All of the above recipes you will find them in our page about the
Greek Pasta food.