Fasolakia Ladera Green beans in tomato sauce

Fasolakia is a very easy to cook Vegetarian Greek food . It takes about half an hour cooking in 200 degrees.
The ingredients are simple you need half kilo of fresh green beans, an onion graded, some garlic, olive oil, tomato past, a tin of pealed tomatoes, salt and pepper.
There are 2 ways of cooking the fasolakia, if you like them heavy you fried first the graded onion with the garlic and as soon they will be brownish you pore 1 litter of water, wait until is boiled and then add the green beans the pealed tomatoes , 2 spoonful of tomato paste salt and pepper and cook for half an hour.
The easy and not heavy way is to boil first the water and add all the above ingredients together. Additionally you can add potatoes together with the green beans.
use the salt and pepper according to your personal taste. The green beans (Fasolakia Ladera) is mostly a summer food because is not heavy plus is a very healthy food.