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Greek Vegetable dishes

Fasolakia Ladera Green beans in tomato sauce

Fasolakia is a very easy to cook Vegetarian Greek food . It takes about half an hour cooking in 200 degrees.
The ingredients are simple you need half kilo of fresh green beans, an onion graded, some garlic, olive oil, tomato past, a tin of pealed tomatoes, salt and pepper.

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Briam-Greek Baked Vegetables

Briam is a very easy Greek vegetable dish to make and is a verry common Greek food,here is the recipe.

Briam Ingredients:
1 kg courgettes. Washed and sliced. 
1 kg potatoes. Washed and sliced.
1 kg aubergines.(egg plants) Washed and sliced.

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Arakas – Green Peas

Arakas is another tasty food of Greece


and is used as a main dish mostly in the Summer because it is lite.

1 1/2 kg fresh or frozen green peas
4-5 finely chopped spring onions, 
2-3 oz butter 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes or 3-4 fresh ones,

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Greek Fassolakia Ladera -Green Beans and Potatoes

Fassolakia ladera is another Greek dish very easy to make. Fassolakia ladera can be eaten as is or with the company of Greek Feta and Retsina wine. Is one of the healthiest Greek foods.

1 kg fresh green beans
1 large onion grated
4 potatoes,

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