Baklavas Greek dessert

Recipe for Blakavas

500 grams of finely chopped walnuts
15-20 finely chopped cloves
250 grams butter
800 grams filo pastry sheets
150 grams honey
100 grams olive oil
2 kilos sugar


For the syrup: Boil 1.5 kilos sugar with 1/2 kilo water until the syrup sets. Remove from the heat and stir in the honey.

For the filling: Mix the walnuts with the cloves. Add the rest of the sugar and mix well again. Melt the butter and mix it with the oil. Butter a baking sheet 25×40. Place 4 pastry sheets brushing each one with the butter-oil mixture and with the edges of the sheets above the top of the pan. Then cover with an unbuttered pastry sheet. Spread a layer of chopped walnuts over it. then a buttered pastry sheet. turn the edges of the sheets inside. Continue in this way: one buttered pastry sheet, one pastry sheet unbuttered, layer of nuts between until all the sheets and the nuts are used, Finishing with a buttered pastry sheet. Score diagonal lines from one end of the pan to the other. Pour the rest of the butter over and sprinkle with water. Bake at 180c. When it starts getting golden brown, cover with foil to bake evenly. It is ready when it can be removed from the pan. Whilst hot, pour the rest of the the cold syrup over. Leave until is cold before eating.