Greek fish soup

fishsoup, as long as we have suitably fish. The most delicious fish for fish soup with egg and lemon are scorpions and scorpion especially wanting some attention to cleaning (the most basic is to cut off the bones with a kitchen scissors), so must we do with the Cod that is also a delicious soup. Of course the king of fish soup is the grouper and red porgy follow by the red snapper and cod. It is ultimately a matter of preference and wallet. Frozen red fish and import fresh cod no lag and a very tasty for those who would like an economical soup.

Ingredients for 4 people besides the fish will need a pound of carrots, a bunch of selenium, 3-4 potatoes, 3 onions, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and two eggs for the egg and lemon. Two cups glutinous rice if you want to do with rice.

METHOD. Peel the vegetables and boil all together with salt and pepper, carrots whole if small, when cut in half if they are large. Do the same with the potatoes and onions. When half cooked put vegetables and fish (if too large you slice it). Let the soup simmer until the fish up to boil enough. When the soup is ready remove all materials and the fish and place on a large platter.
The egg and lemon will be mixed with the delicious juices of vegetables and fish, and thus by itself the broth with plenty of lemon is a wonderful soup.
If we want rice in the soup, add the rice to the broth to a boil.

When ready let it cool a little and prepare lemon sauce. Beat two eggs in a bowl adding the juice of one or two lemons depending on how we want the lemon soup. Continue stirring the eggs with the lemon adding broth from the pot being careful not to edge the egg. When the mixture is quite runny gini are slowly pour in the pan.

This point is the most important because you can edge the avgolemono if the throw immediately into hot broth, for this reason, with one hand constantly stir the broth in the pot while the other hand Pour the lemon sauce slowly with a spoon. The soup should now be getting a cream yellow. Serve in bowls and fish with vegetables served with perychimena with olive oil and lemon. Adding Mayonnaise on the fish also is a real treat to the whole.