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Paros sightseeing and attractions

The most famous sight of Paros is the semi basilica church of Katapoliani (Ekatontapyliani) at the center of the port of Parikia. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and is considered as one of the best monuments of Christian art. Like the church of Virgin Mary in Tinos, Ekatontapyliani of Paros is one of the most visited churches in Greece during the Assumption of Mary in the 15th of August.
The church was build probably in the times of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (6th century AD). The building itself is a complex of many other buildings including six smaller chapels with most interesting the chapel of St Nikolaos and the small chapel where lived the blessed nun Theoktisti (9 century AD) protector of the town and there is a baptistery from the 4th century AD .
The complex it self is like a museum, the excavations of 1959 have brought to the light sculptures and mosaics from the roman period that are in display at the Archaeological Museum of Paros that is located very near .The Museum has various findings from all periods of civilisation in Paros including the prehistoric era, the Archaic, Classic and Roman period

Another interesting sight in Parikia is the medieval Venetian Castle on the small hill between the old town and the seafront. The castle was build by the Venetians in the 13th Century AD as a fortress against the pirates and the Turks. Most interesting though from Archaeological point of view is the material that was used to build the wall of the Castle, which is entirely made from pieces of the Ancient temples that where in its foundations.
Remains from the Ancient period of Parikia can been seen as well in the Ancient cemetery right on the port before the small church of Agios Nicholas and near Agia Anna located the Sanctuary of the Asclepius. At the north side of Parikia located the Delion a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. 

On the road to Naousa you can visit a complex of 3 medieval churches and  before Kolymbithres at the area of Koukounaries you can visit the remains of a Mycenaean Citadel on a rocky hill. At Naousa the visitor will see the remains of the Venetian fortification at the small port.
Paros was famous during the antiquity for its marble and is worth visiting the ancient marble quarry at the village of Marathi. Finally a visit to the butterfly valley is a must (5 km from Parikia). Nearby is the monastery of Christ of the Forest that together with the monastery of Longovarda are worth visiting.