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Night life in Mykonos

Mykonos  night life In the daytime Mykonos Town is busy with many kinds of holidaymakers: Families, couples and groups from all over the world, of all ages, shapes and sizes cluster here to shop, eat and enjoy the many sights the town has to offer. In the evening, it becomes populated with 'the beautiful people'; mostly young males and females, gay and straight, parading their young slender bodies, toned and tanned in elegant high fashion. If you want to be seen, this is the place to be seen! As the night advances, the middle-aged slip away to their beds and the town belongs to the young. Here you won't find the raucus revelling that is carried out by European teenagers who visit some of the other Greek islands, Mykonos is far to 'cool' for such displays - but it has displays of its own. Mykonos Town at night is a place which never sleeps.

Many of the fashion shops, jewellers, small supermarkets etc. remain open until well after 1a.m. It is a place when even if you are dead tired, you don't want to go back to your hotel to sleep because there is so much energy in the centre of the town and you want it to rub off on you. Nightlife in Mykonos town stimulates all your senses with its lively variety of clubs, dancing, live music, restaurants and cafes, bars and seaside taverns.

You can be a chameleon during your holiday, spoiling yourself by splurging out in one of thePierro's bar Mykonos exclusive garden restaurants, adorned in all your finery, hoping to spot one of the countless Greek or internationally famous people who frequent the island in the summer months, or, dressing down in your best 'grunge' or 'hippy gear' to sit in one of the atmospheric bars or restaurants that line the seafront of Little Venice. Alternatively, you can dress 'incognito', hiding behind large sunglasses, and watch the parade of people taking their evening stroll along the seafront . Finally, if you are feeling extremely daring, you can don your most outrageous attire and visit the famous gay bar in the town, the Pierro's bar, with its twice nightly drag show entertainment.

From noon starts the party mainly from the area of Little Venice. As you coming down from the wind mills through Alefkandra gate, walk through the bars of Little Venice and squeeze through the crowds along the narrow pavement between the sea and the bars. The Caprice bar seems to be partying all day and night and, with its bohemian decor and lively music it creates a different atmosphere and attracts many Greek and foreigner young people. Adjacent to the Caprice are the Semeli, Galleraki, Scappa and Veranda bars. All have an atmosphere as lively as the Caprice bar but slightly more terraced seating space. Having said that though, in high season or during periods of Greek national holidays, you need to get here quite early in the evening in order to find a place to sit where you can avoid being trampled on by the passing crowds of people cutting through the narrow space between the table and the walking path.

Little Venice barsRight on the corner of Little Venice you will see the Veranda bar. It is located in one of the charmingly quaint buildings that gives the area its unique character. If you are lucky you can get a seat on its old wooden first floor veranda and avoid the constant crush of passers-by that the other bars suffer from. The whole area around Little Venice is a perfect place to sit and and watch the sky changing as the sun sets. Whilst enjoying a refreshing drink or delicious meal you can enjoy the wonders of nature's paint box as she turns day into night with colours that alter from ultramarine to turquoise to pink and gold and then to the deep navy blue of the night sky, twinkling with silver stars and the golden lights of the cruise ships out at sea. Once the sun sets the crowds begin to disperse slightly as the 'young and the restless' leave to embellish themselves for the night ahead.

nightlife in MykonosWithin the town of Mykonos there are numerous of trendy music bars or just cafe bars for every taste. Near to the place where there used to be the old sophisticated
Vengera bar is the Aroma Bar which mostly has a Greek clientele. It is located right at the most busiest junction of Mykonos Town centre, namely, between Matogianni and Enoplon Dynameon Streets. Here is one of the best places to enjoy a drink and watch the colourful crowds passing by, increasing in density and 'peacockery' as the night goes on. In the early evening, at Aroma Bar, the music is light and easy Jazz. A few steps further takes you to another popular bar, The Cosi, where you can sit on the raised walled seating that line the sides of the street, The jolly mile extends further to Aegli and Astra at the 3 wells. Stay for some time and watch the transformation. In the early evening (around 8p.m.) young people flock here from the nearby beaches, still drenched in sun and sand, their glossy hair pulled back in a casual way that only the young can make beautiful. However, as the evening draws on they disappear and re-emerge as super-butterflies in flimsy flowing dresses. Interestingly, at this time of night it is the middle-aged visitor who by 8p.m. is coiffured and spruced up for their evening dinner before quietly withdrawing and giving the town up to the young for the night. Later on, the night outing will continue in Agyra, 9 Muses, Remezzo, Argo, Ramroo, on the stairs in Manto square, in Mykonos bar, Thalami, Scandinavian and many other clubs and bars who are making the nightlife of Mykonos one of the most wild and beautiful in Europe.

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