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Festivals in Athens

Festivals in Athens - summer 2007
Every year there are a lot of festivals taking place in Athens
The most famous and popular is the Athens and Epidaurus festival with many events including Classic music ,Ancient Greek tragedies (in Epidaurus) ,Theater ,Symphonic and Philarmonic orchestras ,Opera ,Dance ,Exhibitions and more.
The events held at:

1:In Epidaurus Ancient Theatre there will be Ancient drama including Antigone of Sophocles at 29-30 of June .
July 's programme includes a tribute to Maria Kallas with Luigi Cherubini's Medea on the 14th of the month. Jean Racine's Andromache on the 20th and 21st perfomance from by the Greek National Theatre and Lysistrata of Aristophanes on the 27th and 28th by the Northern Greece State Theatre
In August there will be the ancient dramas of Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides on the 3-4th of August by the Cypriot Theatre Organisation ,on the 10-11th of August Electra of Sophocles by the Greek National theatre, Oresteia of Aeschylus will be performed by the Frankfurt Schauspiel on 17-18th of August ,as well as a performance of the National Theatre of the United Kingdom with Samuel Beckett's play Happy Days on 24-25 of August.
In the Ancient theater of Epidaurus have performed in the past some of the greates Greek actors ,actresses and directores among them Irene Papa ,Maria Kallas ,Katina Paxinou ,Dimitris Horn ,Manos Katrakis ,Alexis Minotis ,Nikos Kourkoulos ,Thymios Karakatsanis and many others.
2: at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus unter the Acropolis of Athens in Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.At the Herod Atticus Theatre of Athens Greece there have been performancies from famous Greek and international celbrities of all spectrums of art ,including opera ,theater ,muic and dance.
2007 events at Herod Atticus Theatre from 19 of June onwards :
Laurie Anderson 19th of June ,at 24th of June the Vienna Boys’ Choir and The Vienna Chamber Orchestra ,Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan 29 -30 of June.
3: at Megaron ,the Athenian concert hall at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and Kokkali street information at ,you can easily get there by trolley or bus (direction Ambelokipoi) .
4: at Pireos 260 theater ,Piraeus street 260 in Tavros you can get there with the metro or bus.
5: at Technopolis (Gazi) in Piraeus street 100 you can go there walking from Monastiraki all the way down to Ermou street and turn right .
6: at Faliron Pavillion in Falirikon Delta, the Pavilion located at the end of Sygrou avenue in the Olympic complex of Faliron you can get there with thetram from Syntagma square.
7: at Scholeio of Irene Papas, located at Moshato ,Piraeus street 52 you can go there by bus (line 049) ,
8: at Benaki museum in Pireos street 138 you can go there by bus ,metro and trolley
9: at the Greek National Opera in Academias street 59 you can go walking from Syntagma square all the way down the Panepistimiou street and turn right at Ippokratous street or from Omonia follow the Panepistimiou street and turn left at Ippokratous.
For more information visit the official site of the Athens Festival check our Athens map for the locations

Rockwave 2007

For the Young people the most important event is the Rockwave 2007 festival that is held from 1st until the 3d of July .The rockwave festival is one of the most famous summer rock festivals in Europe ,famous international rock names take part every year. This year in the Rockwave 2007 among others there will be the groups of Dream Theater , Heaven and Hell with Dio of Black Sabath ,Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin with his new group The Strange Sensation and the rock group Europe for the first and second day of the the third day the highlite will be Metallica ,ticket prices 50 ,70 ,80 euro ,for the third day tickets will be from 60-100 euro tickets at Panepistimiou street 42 in the arcade ,Panepistimiou street 66 at PMW .The Rockwave 2007 is been held at Terra Vibe park in Malakassa at the 37th km of the national highway Athens Lamia info at .In 29 of August 2007 terra vibe organises another festival with the groups of Manic Street Preachers ,the Smashing Pumkins and Kassabian .

George Michael 25 Live European Stadium Tour

This main event of summer 2007 in Athens it will be the live performance of George Michael at the Olympic stadium of Athens (OAKA) in Thursday 26 of July 2007 as part of his 25 Live European Stadium Tour.

There are a lot of other festivals arround Athens all the summer ,every night the sound and light show in Acropolis ,the festival of the rocks at the theater of Vrahos in the suburb of Vyronas with theatrical acts and Greek music at the theaters of "Melina Merkouri" and "Anna Synodinou".In the theater of Lycabetus there are all the summer concerts with famous Greek and international artists,chect our Athens map for details off the locations.


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