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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Athens shops markets and shopping in Athens

Shopping in Athens

is not the first goal for any visitor to Athens. The main attraction of Athens and the first thing a visitor usually wants to do is to visit the Acropolis and Parthenon.

But, Athens Greece can be a delight for shopaholics and tourists alike. In Athens you can find all kinds of shops from elegant boutiques and fashion shops in Kolonaki to fine jewellery shops in Voukorestiou Street and around the streets close to Plaka like Mitropoleos Street and Stadious Street near Syntagna Square.

Elegant shoe shops can be found in Kolonaki and Ferkiniaos Street. The main shopping centre of Athens is in the triangle between Ermou Street, Aiolou Street and Academias Street. Music shops abound in Voulis Street and Academias Street. There is also a huge department store 'Attica' in Panepistimiou Street.

In Athens you will also find the British store, Marks and Spencers with prices slightly cheaper than you find in England. There is also a big Greek chain of beauty shops all over Athens called Hondos Centre. Here you can find all kinds of cosmetics and beauty products.

Many internationally famous designer label shops are located in the area of Kolonaki and in Fokionos Negri Street. Shops selling cheap CDs of Greek music are plentiful around Omonia Square and for other kinds of music there is a Virgin Store selling a huge collection of all kinds of music in the big shopping centre at Petrou Palli Street. Almost anything can be purchased in this shopping centre at very good prices and the French Carrefour Department Store is also good for bargains.

In nearly every commercial street of Athens you will find a branch of one of the big mobile phone (cell phone) companies of Greece like Vodafone, Cosmote, and Tim.

In the area of Plaka and all along the Adrianou Street are located many interesting shops for tourists. These shops sell replicas of traditional Greek artifacts such as statues, busts, and old coins. Here too you can buy the traditional Greek shadow puppets from 'Karagiozis'. Some (but not all) of them can be expensive because they are collectors items.

The Flea Market of Athens is in Aephoustou Street in Monastiraki. Here second hand shops and stalls flourish alongside shops selling new clothing, sports wear and other goods. In the same area you will find many shops selling object d'art, traditional musical instruments (such as bouzoukis and liras) and many book shops with thousands of second hand books in other languages as well as Greek. A nice experience, too, is a visit to the Central Market of Athens at Athinais Street. Here is the main mean and fish markets of Athens housed in a building dating from 1886.

There is no need to limit yourself however to shopping only in central Athens. Down at the port, Piraeus has a very interesting shopping area. Located between the Port, Korai Square and Pasalimani Street, elegant boutiques and fashion shops flourish. In B'Menarhias Street you will find shops selling spices, dried fruits, nuts and all manner of traditional Greek delicacies. Also some very cheap hardwear stores.Shopping in Greece and particular shopping in Athens is a great experience ,you can find all of the above adresses and locations in out map of Athens


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