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Introduction Lipsi located in the north Dodecanese islands. On this small island people still live off farming and fishing, and the few tourists that come every summer. The life here is laidback, and if you decide to come here you'll be able to enjoy the quiet and just relax.

Lipsi is very traditional with its white and blue houses, friendly people and nice little beaches. The only thing that disturbs the slow pace here are the excursion boats from Leros and Patmos, when the island livens up a bit.

The island is quite green, and considered ideal for families with children, since most of the beaches are shallow and the waters calm and clean.

History :Lipsi was probably a quite wealthy island in the 3rd to 1st century BC, but we do not have much evidence on the ancient years on the island. It was probably inhabited at an early stage, perhaps by peoples from Asia Minor and Dorians.

Christianity came early to Lipsi and there are several churches on the island. One of the oldest is from the 8th century.

During the Middle Ages it was tormented by pirates, and belonged to the monastery of Patmos for almost 600 years. It was then conquered by the Turks in the 16th century, but they never actually settled here.

When the war of Independence broke out in 1821, Lipsi became an important refuge for people escaping the enraged Turks, and many battleships stopped here for repairing, planning and food.

The island was given to the Turks in 1830, and in 1912 the Italians took over. The island was liberated in 1948, but parts of Lipsi still belongs to the monastery of Patmos.

What to See :Christianity has a strong foothold here, which can be seen in the many churches and religious celebrations on Lipsi. In the capital, Lipsi, there are several churches with blue domes, the most dominating being the church of Ag Ioannis (St. John). Enjoy strolling around here! There is a small museum with archaeological findings and icons.

The mountain at Kimissi used to be a hiding place for hermits, and here there is a 16th century Church dedicated to the Sleep of the Virgin Mary (Kimissi tis Theotokos). It is very pretty and open to visitors, but remember to dress appropriately: longs skirt and covered shoulders for women, long trousers for men.

What to Do :Lipsi is first and foremost an island for relaxing, but bring snorkelling gear or perhaps a fishing rod, the waters are very clear and seafloor interesting. There are excursion boats that can take you to some of the beaches and the surrounding little islands. You can also go on daytrips to Leros and Patmos.

Lipsi Beaches :It is easy to walk around and find your own little beach on Lipsi. If you don't feel like that the beach in Lipsi is lovely. Platys Gialos is a protected beach and great for children, other beaches near to town is Katsadia and Liendou. Nudists go to Monodendri.

Nightlife:In Lipsi there are a couple of bars and a disco. The evenings are quiet, though, so even if it can get pretty late, don't expect any wild partying. There is a nice bar at the beach of Katsadia.

Food :There is a few taverns in Lipsi, as well as on some of the beaches. The local specialties are various dairy products, cherry tomatoes, wine and pastries.

Shopping :You can get some souvenirs like textiles and ceramics in Lipsi.

Getting Around: There are a couple of mini-buses and taxis on the island, but walking is a very good alternative. You can rent mopeds, and there are a few excursion boats in Lipsi.

Getting There :Get a direct flight to Kos or Samos and take the Ferry boat or hydrofoil from there. Lipsi is also connected with Rhodes and Mykonos, for example, as well as with Piraeus and ,Athens on the mainland.

Facts about Lipsi* Phone numbers*
Size: 21 sq. km
Population: about 700
Airport:: No
Cash machine: Yes
Internet cafe: No, but travel agencies are online
Highest Mountain:
Price rate: Average
International code: 0030
Local code: 22470
Port Police:
Tourist Information: 41288
Bus company:
Coast guard:
Post office:
Telephone company (OTE):

*The info displayed may be inaccurate. If changes have been made, please let us know.

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