Mythology names of Greece

The Greek Mythology is an amazing collection from wonderful myths. Almost every Greek child will grow up with those famous stories. Among the most famous are the Epic poems of Homer, the Iliad, the story the Trojan war and the Odyssey who tells about the journeys of Odysseus after the end of the Trojan war. The Epics of Homer have kept alive the Greek Spirit alive for more than 3000 years. Great Alexander’s favourite book was the Iliad, but most of the Greeks have been grown up with those stories since then .The famous fables of Aesop was the first fables that had always a teaching meaning. Many fairy tale writers used the fables of Aesop as a base like the famous La Fontaine.

The story of Perseus has inspired also many fiction books and films with the adventures of Perseus in his quest to kill the Medusa in order to liberate Andromeda. In many Greek myths you will find as main heroes 2 persons like the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. There are myths and stories for almost every God of the Greek Pantheon. The mythology of the Greek gods is what made the Ancient Greek culture and civilisation so much different then any other civilisation of this time. The Ancient Greeks show their gods as humans with human feelings and passions. Their difference from the humans was the immortality and their power but they where personalised as humans and not as animals or nature creatures.


The Greek mythology is very rich, so this list is far from complete. Hopefully you will find the name you are looking for. Since myth and history sometimes mix, you might not find the name you want here, but in the Who is Who in Antiquity section.

The usual practice when naming a child in Greece is to use one of the grandparents’ name. Ancient names from history and myth are getting more and more popular and there are many Aphrodite and Socrates around. You might also have a Greek name without even knowing it. Have a look at “Greek names?” to find out.

Most people have heard of the ancient Greek gods, who lived on Mt Olympos. The twelve major Gods were: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Demeter, Poseidon, Hermes, Hestia and Hephaestus. There were of course hundreds of lesser gods, semigods and heroes, some of which you will find here.