St. Sophia

"Sophia" means wisdom in Greek, and for this reason this saint is often regarded as a personification of the wisdom of God, rather than an actual person. This is further enhanced by the fact that she is the mother of three other saints by the names of Faith (Pisti), Hope (Elpida) and Love (Agape).

Legend, however, tells us that these four women all were martyred for their faith in Rome under the emperor Hadrian. St. Sophia was supposed to have been a widow from Milan who gave away all her wordly goods after her husband's death. She then went with her three daughters (see above) to Rome and stayed with a rich lady called Thessaminia.

All the women were tortured and killed for their faith. St. Sophia was the only one who survived, and died of natural causes three days after she had buried her daughters.

She is considered the patron saint of widows.

Orthodox nameday: 17/9

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St. Sophia and her three daughters