St. Marina

One of the so called Great martyrs, St. Marina was the daughter of a pagan man in the 3rd century. Since her mother had died when she was born, her father let her be brought up by a Christian woman.

When St. Marina had become Christian herself she vowed never to marry. Her father tried to talk her into marrying the king nevertheless, but when she refused, the king was infuriated and ordered her to sacrfice to the pagan gods. When she also refused to do this, the king had her tortured.

St. Marina endured the torments by praying, and the king had her imprisoned. There, the Devil tried to scare her but failed three times and was finally beaten by her when she fought him with a hammer.. A dragon came to her and tried to swallow her, but again, through her faith, St. Marina endured.

She was finally beheaded by the king, but preached and prayed until the very last moment and many were converted. The excecutioner hesitated to kill her, but she talked him into it.

Today her relics are in Athens and Mt. Athos.
There is also another saint who is sometimes called Marina. see Pelagia

Orthodox nameday: 17/7

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