St. Lucy

Maiden from Syracusae on Sicily who broke off her engagement to a man who refused to convert to the Christian faith. The man then had her arrested, and she was decapitated for her faith.

The name Lucy, means lucid, bright. In Greek it the equivalent is Foteini.

Legend tells us that St. Lucy took her sick mother to the grave of St. Agatha, hoping that the saint would cure her. St. Agatha then appeared, healed her mother and told St. Lucy she would be a martyr. This is when she broke off her engagement and gave away all her goods to the poor.

Because her fiance would not let her go, she tore out her eyes and sent them to him so that they would never seduce another man ever again. For this she was arrested, and sentenced to worki in a brothel. Her body then became so heavy even oxens could not take her there.

Before she died she predicted the coming death of the emperor. She is considered the patron saint of the blind, farmers, repentant prostitutes and is believed to help people with eye diseases.

Orthodox nameday: 13/12

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