St. Basil

Saint from Caesarea in Cappadocia who founded a community for monks in Pontus after studies in Athens and Constantinople and many journeys in the Middle East.

He fought hard for his faith against both Arians and Macedonians and managed to keep the religion in his home country.He was made metropolitan of Caesarea in 370, and was well known for his sermons and written works.
In the east he is considered one of the three Holy Hierarchs.

When Greeks speak of Father Christmas, they say Ayios Vasilis: St. Basil. On New Year's Eve, people make a cake called "Vasilopita", which is cut in many pieces, each piece named after a family member and Christ. In one of the pieces there is a coin, and whoever gets it will be blessed for the coming year.

Orthodox nameday: 1/1

St. Basil

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St. Basil

St. Basil and St. Athanasius