St. Achilles

Saint Achilles was born in Cappadocia in Asia Minor in 270 AD. St Achilles inherited a large fortune, but he divided to the Christians who were poor, widows, orphans and the needs of the Church.
The Saint preached the gospel and thus lead many people from the darkness of paganism in the light of Christ. He baptized all those who taught. By the grace of God acquired the gift of miracles. He finally arrived in Thessaly, where the Church placed him in the throne of the Archdiocese of Larissa , which fell several dioceses. He participated in the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea (325 AD) when Emperor of the Byzantine Empire was the great Constantine. He was one of the most militant strains of the Ecumenical Council against the heretic Arius. His relics are in Prespa in Bulgaria.

Interesting fact: In ancient times, the hero Achilles was believed to be from Larissa.

Orthodox name day: 15/5.

saint achilles

The church of St. Achilles in Larissa


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