How is Greece today

Greece today, like almost everywhere in the world, has a big difference between the city life and provincial life. The most Greek cities you will find that they have become more impersonal. The sense of neighbourhood that existed before the 1970s has been destroyed due to the construction and preference for families to exchange their small plot with one storey family home to several architects or building companies for a floor with 2 or 3 small apartments in an apartment block, therefore in its place have mushroomed street after street of apartment blocks.

Although, many members of the same family may occupy one block the closeness and neighbourliness that was prevalent before has all but vanished. That fashion of exchange the old house with the small garden the well and the jasmines ,for one or two apartments in a block, has been immortalised in many old Greek movies that makes the older ones to retrieve nostalgic memories of a life that is gone for ever.

Most families also own at least one car and usually two or three. Little planning was given to parking facilities when the apartment blocks were built with the result that the streets double as a parking lot. No longer do you see children playing in the street and mothers sitting outside their front doors, chatting to their neighbours, whilst keeping an eye on their children. Today, in the cities, children are catered for by the provision of “platies” pleasant squares in every barrow. However, smaller children can only safely go there if an older child or adult accompanies them. Having said this, the squares do act as focal points for the local populace. Usually surrounded by cafeterias, bars and fast food outlets, they are a place for young people to meet and parade.

For the Greeks in the big cities the jolly outing starts on Friday and Saturday night mostly in Restaurants ,and later on (the younger ones) in cinemas ,bars clubs or live music shows. Sundays are the best for daily excursions in the country side with a traditional lunch at a Greek Tavern with grilled lamb and kokoretsi or fresh fish with ouzo and meze if they are in a seaside resort. Sunday is also a great day for the football funs with a day in the football stadium especially if is a big much between their local team and a guest team. The Greek television though ,unfortunately has taken over the 30% about of the life of an average Greek .

For shopping the Greek family in the city will mostly buy their weekly provisions from huge supermarkets and department store chains like in the rest of Europe.Instead of the local green grosser that is disappearing slowly in the city the Greeks will buy their veggies and fruits from the local weekly market (laiki agora) that is displayed in various neighbourhoods .Clothing shopping has not yet concered by the multinational department stores in Greece and is still held by many small fashion boutiques along the high street of every barrow. Instead the household shopping ,DIY ,furniture ,electronics ,and hard ware has slowly take over from big multinationals.

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