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Naxos beaches

Naxos is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches with clean sparkling waters. The best can be found on the west and southwest coasts of the island located at the villages of Ayiassos, Aliko, Glyfada, Pyrgaki, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios and in Chora, the capital (Naxos Town). Ayiassos beach is around 25km from Naxos Town and is best reached by car or motorbike as the public transport to this area of the island is not very reliable. It is a beautiful wide, sandy beach fringed by tamarisk trees and because it is not easily reached by bus is less crowded and noisy than some of the other beaches. The visitor will not find the ubiquitous sun beds or umbrellas on this beach. It is 3.5km from the village of Pyrgaki where there are a few rooms to rent. the beach has one taverna serving delicious local food and there is an idyllic view across the beach.

Aliko beach lies around 21km from Naxos Town and is reached by a good road all the way. It has a wide, white, sandy beach and a forest of cedar trees that fringe it. It is isolated and is best reached by own transport. The beach does not have umbrellas or sun beds but there are some good tavernas in the region. Glyfada beach is approximately 19km from Naxos Town and lies between Kastraki beach and Aliko. It is rarely crowded and has no sun beds or umbrellas. There are a few rooms and studios to rent in the village plus some very good tavernas. Like all the beaches in this region it is best reached by private transport. Pyrgaki beach is even more remote and is reached via a fairly good dirt road 1km from Alyko village. The beach is very beautiful with sand dunes and cedar trees fringing it and, like all the beaches in this area, there are no sun beds or umbrellas. Again it is rarely crowded even though a new hotel complex has been recently built there. Apart from this there are very few rooms or studios to rent in the area. There are a few excellent tavernas close to the beach.

Agia Anna is a small fishing village and port where yachts and caiques moor. From here it is possible to take a caique to Paros during the summer months. There are plenty of studios and rooms to rent during the summer month and the village has a range of good tavernas and cafes on the seafront. The beach is long and sandy with sun beds and umbrellas to rent. It is a popular beach for tourists as there are plenty of facilities in the village and local buses go there regularly. A short walk from Agia Anna is Agios Prokopis. This beach is sheltered from the summer winds and, consequently is very popular with visitors. All facilities are provided on this beach with lots of holiday properties to rent, tavernas, restaurants, bars and cafes as well as good transport links to other parts of the island. The beach has many umbrellas and sun beds to rent during the summer.

Agios Georgios lies at the edge of Naxos Town and is probably the island's busiest beach. It is a good family beach due to its shallow water making it ideal for young children to play safely in the sea. The long sandy beach is covered in umbrellas and sun beds during the summer season with little space for those not wishing to rent one. There are lots of good tavernas and restaurants on the sea front and in the evening it is beautiful to sit and eat on the beach itself. All types of accommodation is plentifully available. The northern end of this beach becomes quite windy and is very popular for windsurfers. A windsurfing school is located here. The easiest beach to reach from Naxos Town (Chora) is Grotta. This pebbly beach is great for some unusual swimming as it is close to the eponymous caves and the remains of the submerged Mycenaean city. However, it can get very windy, especially if the wind is coming from the north, and not suitable for children or people who are not strong swimmers.