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Archaeological sites of Andros

The ancient Zagora is one of the most important archaeological sites of Andros.  An ancient settlement existed here from C10th-8th BC.  The settlement was protected by a strong wall of approximately 330' long and10' high.  The wall had a gate at the entrance to the settlement.  Inside there is a temple that was built in C8th BC and was used until the Classical Years, although the settlement had been abandoned 300 years before.  The houses were built of stone and had roofs made of earth.  Remains of this settlement can be seen in the Archaeological Museum at Hora as well as a model replica of the settlement. 

The Tower of St. Peter is located on the slopes of the mountain under the village of St. Petros.  It was built during the C3rd-4th BC but the traces of its foundation are pre-historical.  The Tower has at least five levels which can be reached by a spiral staircase.  The Tower is topped by a dome which today, unfortunately, is partially destroyed. It is not known exactly what function this tower served but the strongest possibility is that it was used as a beacon to send messages across the island by use of fire.  During its history, it is certain that it functioned as a garrison to protect the nearby iron ore mines that existed during these times.

The settlement of ancient Ypsili was developed at the same time as Zagora.  The habitation of Ipsili continued on its Acropolis right up until Roman Times.  The Acropolis was fortified and there was also a Temple dedicated to Demetra and Persephone.  Remains of these can be seen today, although excavations are ongoing and it is planned that this will become an area of great interest for visitors in the future.

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