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Museums of Andros

the unknown sailorThe Museum of Modern Art : This world famous museum was founded in 1979. It now has a new wing that was opened in 1986 and can accommodate international exhibitions. Among the exhibits that have been hosted in the Museum of Modern Art in Andros are the works of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Chagall, Balthaus, Toulouse Lautrec and many other famous artists of the C20th.

The Archaeological Museum was built in 1981. It hosts findings and relics excavated from early settlements all over Andros. One of the most well known exhibits is a Roman copy of the famous statue of Hermes made by Praxiteles. Another interesting exhibit is the collection of artefacts from the area of Zagora.

The Kydonieos Foundation was founded in 1994 and it focuses on music, theatre, literature and paintings.  Every summer various exhibitions are organised of modern artists.

Near to the Square of Riva, in the old city, is the Maritime Museum of Andros which displays the naval history of Andros via sailors' logs, old photographs, maritime instruments and models of the ships of Andros. In the square of Korai is located the statue of the unknown sailor.

The Kairios Library holds a wonderful exhibit of around 3,000 volumes from the collection of Theophilos Kairios (1784-1852).  Plus a plethora of rare editions, manuscripts, historical archives, objects d'art and a small collection of archaeological artefacts. Every summer musical and literature events are organised in the new exhibition space of the library. 

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