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Mykonos Weather

Information about the weather in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is usually called as the island of the winds. Due to its geographical position Mykonos is effected by the summer wind of Meltemi. This winds are in fact a blessing for the Greek islands because it keeps the temperature in lower levels than in the Greek mainland. During the summer hottest months July and August while the temperatures in the Greek mainland can reach easily the 40-43 degrees C in the Greek islands the temperatures are 5-6 degrees lower.

Same as most of the Greek islands  Mykonos has a humid climate during the winter because of the sea. The winter temperatures are on an average between 8-12 degrees C. Spring and autumn have very mild temperatures between an average of 20-25 degrees C. Summer can be very hot and dry and sometimes the temperatures can reach over 36 degrees. But the meltemi and the sea breeze makes the climate perfect for summer holidays.