Greek recipes

Greek Garlic salad

garlicsaladThe Garlic salad is one of the best Greek appetizers and go mainly cod and beetroot. Is one of the best snack for retsina. Naturally leaves and the not so charming scent but you can fight with gum chlorofilis if you have an important meeting the next day. (more…)

The original Greek Salad

greek saladGreece has a huge variety of appetizers and salads. With so many kinds of vegetables Greece is a paradise for vegetarians. Here is the recipe of the most common Greek salad made mainly from tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olive oil and feta cheese.

Recipe for Salad
Ingredients for 4 people:
1 pound tomatoes (not too ripe)
1 medium onion
1 green pepper
1 cucumber
80 g black olives
180 g feta cheese
dried oregano
80g olive g
salt and pepper
Cut slices of tomatoes and cucumbers and put them on a plate. Add the onion and green pepper slices and add salt and pepper.
Add the feta on top and paspalipsete with oregano. Arrange the olives over the salad and finally put the olive oil and vinegar.

Tuna salad with rice

This tuna salad is rich in nutrients and could well be your lunch it is very easy to do it and taste delicious.

What we need:

1 cup boiled rice
2-3 eggs well cooked
1 small can of tuna
3-4 tea spoons of mayonnaise
half onion

How we do it:

Boil the rice and add to the bowl where you will prepare the salad .
Boil the eggs until they are hard enogh, chop them and add them to the bowl .
Finely chop the onion and and open the can of tuna discarding and draining the juices.
Add salt and pepper according to your taste , mix all the ingredients together with mayonnaise and the salad is ready.

Η απαντηση μας στην κριση

Για να μην μας πάρει τελείως ο κατήφορος της απελπισίας και της μοιρολατρίας με τα οικονομικά δεινά που περνάμε ας μην ξεχνάμε πόσα περάσαμε σαν Λαός.
400 χρόνια σκλαβιάς, Επαναστάσεις, την Μικρασιατική Καταστροφή, την Κατοχή από τους Ναζί, τον Εμφύλιο, την χούντα ,τον Σεπτέμβρη του 73 και το Κυπριακό το 1974. (more…)

Meat dishes from Greece

Meat is one of the main foods in Greece.From the ancient Greece the Greeks loved the meat until today the grilled lamb is one of the best dishes in Greece.There are many grill taverns all over Greece that the Grees will go in a weekend excursion.Here we will indroduce some other recipes of cooking the meat the Greek way.


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