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The television in Greece

Development and highlights of the Greek television

Television was born in Greece in 1966 one year before the 7 years military junta. There were only two channels, ERT and YENED (the army forces channel). Most of the programs during this time until the seventies were imported mostly from the USA serials like Peyton Place, Bonanza, Combat and others and also some UK series like The Avengers, The Man from Uncle, and the  Coronation Street. It had a few hours of broadcasting and was started and finished with the national anthem .  

The first popular Greek TV series and dramas where made during the beginning of the seventies The actors, producers and directors were also in the film industry and they brought their experience of this medium into television. Some popular family serials were "Lunar Park", "I Geitonia mas" (Our Neighborhood) with the unforgettable Greek comedian Dionyssis Papagianopoulos, and "Agnostos Polemos"(the uknown war) a military soap opera about the world war 2 in Greece. In 1973 comes the first real good serial "Emporoi ton Ethnon"( Nation's Merchants) based on the book of Alexandros Papadiamantis with the direction of Costas Ferris (the director of the famous movie Rembetiko) and some famous Greek actors like Andreas Barkoulis and Maria Alkaiou.

There where also some music shows with presenters such as Alkis Steas, Giorgos Oikononomidis and Nikos Mastorakis. After the junta period and until the first private Greek channels, the state television continued to develop and in 1974 the serial "O Hristos Xanastavronetai " was made.This serial was based on the book 'Christ is Recrucified' by Nikos Kazantzakis the author of Zorba the Greek.

During the 1970s the state television produced some equivalent talent programs (not as the today's pop idol type shows ) the most famous was is "Na i efkairia" (here is the chance) .The comity unlike today's irrelevant people that form various judge comitties in TV talent shows ,was made from famous film directors like Grigoris Grigoriiou ,music composers like George Katasaros , Lefteris Papadopoulos famous journalist and song writer ,Rozita Sokou ,dance and others.

The first color television broadcast in Greece started at the end of the seventies.In the begining of the eighties Vangelis composes the signal for the news of ET1.During that period the private TV establishes in Greece with the channels of Ant1 ,and Mega. Later many other private Greek TV stations  start to broadcast mostly in Athens and Thessalonica and later in the rest of Greece.

The resently years the private pay satelite channel nova has made an impact offering more then 100 tv stations worldwide among them includes the most popular Greek channels ,intrnational networks like CNN ,BBC world, Euronews and Eurosport ,RTL ,Vox ,ARD ZDF ,National Geographic ,History Channel, Discovery ,24 hours film channels like TCM ,MGM and Filmnet 1,2 and 3 ,Super Sport with 5 sport chanells.Other popular nationwide tv channels in Greece are Alter ,Alfa ,Star ,Macedonia TV and others.

ert greek television star TV channel Nova television Antena tv mega channel