(c. 510-450 BC)

When his father Miltiades died, Cimon was put in prison because of hus fathers debts. Eventually his wife and sister managed to get the money together for Cimon to be released.
Later on he became the leader of the aristocratic party, with the democracy leader Pericles as his opponent. Cimon was by then a wealthy man, and gave money and food to the poor and let people have access to his private gardens.
Nevertheless, Pericles managed to become leader of the Athenians, and Cimon was ostracised after taking the Spartan side during the revolt of the Helots.
As a general, Cimon won a great victory over the Persians and helped forming the Delian League. He is also said to have led an expedtion to Scyros on the demand of the oracle in Delphi in order to bring back the bones of the hero Theseus.
The expedition succeded, and the bones were kept in a shrine called Theseion in Athens. A year before his death, Cimon returned to Athens and negotiated a short peace with the Spartans.

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