St. Nicholas
(c. 350)

One of the most popular saints in Greece, since he is the patron saint of the sea farers.

Most of what we know about him is based on legend, but we know he came from Asia Minor, and was a bishop of Myra in Lycia.

His life was full of wonders: as a three day old infant he stood up in his bath, and every Friday he would refuse his mother's breast. When his parents Euphemius and Anna died in the plague, he gave away their fortune to the poor. For example, there was a father who had three daughters he could not marry off because he could provide no dowry. St. Nicholas then threw three golden balls into his house, and so the maidens got married.

He is also said to have raised three dead children that had been pickled, as well as having saved three men from execution.

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of all seamen, choirboys, captives, children. He is not, however, father Christmas in Greece.

In art he is depicted as an elderly bishop wearing a cloak of crosses. He also often stands by three children in a bath tub, or holding three balls or money bags or an anchor.

Orthodox nameday: 6/12

St. Nicholas

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