Western Macedonia

First one mountain and then another. Tree-covered slopes. Thick, wild vegetation. Fir trees, beeches, pines. Wildlilfe sanctuaries. Partridge, quail, hare, wild boar rustle among the underbrush.
Rivers and running water. Arched bridges, waterfalls, dreamlike caves. Lakes shining patches of blue (Kastoria, Prespa, Vegoritis).
Steep yet tranquil riverbanks. Water ruffled by rowers and by pelicans and wild ducks.
Cheery fishing villages (Psarades, Arnissa). And a bit further on ski slopes and ski resorts. Valleys thickly planted with plane trees, peach trees, apple trees, hazelnut trees and poplars. Fields of strawberries and cherry orchards that end in amazing beaches (Platamona, Skotina, Makrigialos).
Hillsides alive with the sounds of sheep and goats.
Peaceful towns (Katerini, Kozani, Grevena, Ptolemaida, Kastoria, Florins, Veria) and small, idyllic villages.
Edessa, Naoussa. “Here water burbles freely and tumbles as if struck by avenging angels”. It flows untrammeled through natural rivulets lined with grass and flowers. Here, too, are gracefully bending weeping willows. Roads bordered with poplars. Piazzas planted with flowers.
tombs lined with frescoes, gold larnaxes, wreaths and diadems. Wealth and art spread out before your astonished eyes.
Next, is Dion, the sacred city of the ancient Macedonians. Where Olympian Zeus, the god venerated by all the Greeks, was worshipped. Wander and wonder. Sanctuaries, statues, theatres, the stadium, public buildings and shops, workshops and houses, underground tile-covered tombs, and everything else you can imagine from the ancient world, with all its virtues and shortcomings.
Nature in Macedonia is a play on colour.
Russet leaves in autumn. Robed in white in winter. Hillsides, trees, houses, all dazzling white. Captivating shapes. Fences, domes, drainpipes – all transformed by snow. Children playing cheerily. Skiers skimming down the slopes.
Carnival has arrived. Disguisses and revels. Traditional dancing. Merrymakers regaled with delicious sweets.
Nature has changed her garb again. Now the land is dressed in green. People are singing the coming of spring. Laughing, shouting, teasing. Festivities and gaiety.
Summertime’s the same. More gaiety, more festivities. More laughter and singing.
The people live with imagination and traditions. Traditions brought from a distant past.

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