Weather and climate of Greece

The climate of Greece has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. The rainy season is limited to autumn and springtime, dry sunny summers and mild winters. In climatological terms, the weather in Greece can be divided into two main periods: the cold, which lasts from October to March and warm lasting from April to September.
Greece is divided into four climatic regions:
1) the mountainous
2 ) northern Greece (Continental)
3) the Ionian
4) the Aegean
Distinctive features of the climate of the mountainous region of Greece is the low temperatures, a high snowfall season, cloudy and strong winds. The winter in the mountainous country is harsh and,in the summer, cool.
The climatatic features of northern Greece has most in common with the climate of continental Europe. The main feature is the sharp difference in temperature that occurs between winter and summer.The winters are harsh with rainy summers.
The weather features of the Ionian Sea is the mild winters with abundant rains, low clouds and sunshine. It is the sunniest area of the country with a pleasant temperate climate .
The distinctive features of the Aegean Sea’s climate is the great intensity and frequency of winds, the sunshine and humidity.
Exposed to cold northerly winds the east coast of Greece has generally lower temperatures than the corresponding Western coast. The large percentage of moisture contained in the latter explains the significant difference in the rainfall, which occurs between the eastern and western Greece.


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