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Mykonos History

Based on an old myth, Mykonos island was called after Apollo’s son, whose name was Mikonos . On account of his father, God of the Sun, Mykonos has been known as the isle of light. In accordance with one more story, Poseidon, in the course of his fight with the Giants,

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Mykonos Holidays in the 70’s

Mykonos, the island that once I loved was the island of Mykonos during the seventies, fully and completely different from Mykonos today. Mykonos of the real domestic and foreign aristocracy mixed harmoniously with the hippies and backpackers from America and Europe who stopped briefly on their way to ios and then to Rhodes,

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Corfu beaches

Corfu has many wonderful beaches, each one comprised of a magic combination of green landscape, aquamarine waters and white sands. This feast of colours and textures makes the beaches of Corfu one of the best in Greece. Most of them have been awarded the Blue Flag and are well organised with all kinds of facilities,

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Mount Athos – Greece

Mount Athos (Agio Oros or Holly mountain in Greek) is one of the most gorgeous districts of Greece. With a Very varied magnificence of scenery, it ranges from tiny valeys to steep gorges, wooded mountains, nakec cliffs and inviting beaches. The mountainous landscape on the one hand and the sea on the other have created the indispensable frame for the insulation of a remote world within which its asceticpopulation chose to build their state and live.

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Western Macedonia

First one mountain and then another. Tree-covered slopes. Thick, wild vegetation. Fir trees, beeches, pines. Wildlilfe sanctuaries. Partridge, quail, hare, wild boar rustle among the underbrush.
Rivers and running water. Arched bridges, waterfalls, dreamlike caves. Lakes shining patches of blue (Kastoria, Prespa, Vegoritis).

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