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Day trips from Athens to Methana Poros and Salamis

In previous articles we have covered day trips from Athens to Aegina and Sounion with Marathon, in this article we will give you information about other destinations within an hour from Athens. Because of its location Athens is the ideal place for short day trips to the islands of the Saronic gulf and some of the coastal resorts of the north east Peloponnese like Methana between Aegina and Poros or Galatas a few hundred meters away from Poros town. A day trip from Athens to Poros can be combine with a short break in Methana as there are frequent hydrofoils that approaching Methana and Poros every day.

MethanaMethana is is a nice small resort in the coast of Peloponnese. There are some nice beaches in the town and near by. From Methana you can visit the Ancient theater of Epidaurus and other Archaeological sites of Peloponnese. In the promenade of Methana, decorated by palm trees,  there are cafes, restaurants and some hotels. Like Aegina, Poros and Salamis, Methana is a popular weekend city break for many Athenians. Poros is less than 15 minutes by hydrofoil, a wonderful island ideal for a weekend break or just a day trip. From Poros you can visit the Peloponnesian resort of Galatas by taxi boat. In poros you will find hotels and rooms to let in reasonable prices.More information about the island you can find in our page about Poros.

salaminaA neglected island from the international tourism and the travel brochures but popular for many Athenians is the island of Salamis or Salamina, birth place of the Greek Hero Ajax. The historic island of Salamis is worth a visit not only for its historic importance of being the place where it took place the Victorius sea battle of salamis between the Athenians and the Persians. It was here at the straights of Salamis where the Athenians under the leadership of Themistocles destroyed the fleet of the Persian King Xerxes in 480 BC. Today Salamis is connected by numerous ferries from Perama to Paloukia the port of Salamis, the journey cost about 5 euro for a car and 2 passengers and is less then10 minutes long, the ferry goes through the famous straight where the Greek fleet started the attack against the Persian fleet 2300 years ago between Kynosoura (today Ampelakia) and the Attica mainland.

Starting from Paloukia you can vist many sea resorts of Salamis like Selina a nice resort with neoclassical villas palm trees and a nice pebble beach facing the Athens basin, Faneromeni with the famous church of Panagia Faneromeni, the beautiful sea resort of Ble Limanaki facing the gulf of Elefsis and Megara and of course the capital Salamina or Koulouri. If you don't have a car you can use the local buses or take a taxi as the fares are very reasonable, a taxi ride to Selinia cost 3 euro about from Paloukia.You can get to Perama from Athens by bus or taxi.

1)Poros 2) Galatas 3) Methana 4) Selinia Salamina

Poros Galatas
Methana Selinia salamis