Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buying houses in Greece

How to buy a house or other property in Greece

Buying a property in Greece or wherever it may be at your home country or abroad should never be entered into carelessly. Perhaps this is even more so when you are considering buying a home or if you buy property in Greece or another country - whether it is for taking up permanent residence, as a holiday home or for investment purposes.

It is all too easy to be seduced by a beautiful rural or seaside setting on a Greek island or on the mainland and be tempted to throw caution to the wind in order to try and buy your dream home as quickly as possible. However, you should enter into any purchase in exactly the same way as you would if you were buying a new property in your own country,

The first key to purchasing is preparation. If you love the idea of owning a place in Greece but are unsure how to go about it and what the property prices are like there is lots of information available via internet sites, magazines and specialist estate agencies.

Once you have settled on a location you should make sure that you fully investigate the island/area and the property location to ensure it satisfies all your needs. The best advice is to book a week holidays in Greece in the area you are considering to buy. Do as much research as you can before you arrive.

Set some real objectives for your first visit. If possible try to contact several agents and arrange as many appointments as you can before you get there. Don't rely on only one agent, there are many real estate agents almost every where. If you like the area then you could arrange to rent some accommodation at a later date to stay in while you are looking for properties in Greece. There are usually local agencies which can help you with this as well as many signs around that advertise rooms or apartments to rent.

You will then have somewhere to stay until you have sorted out the finer details for your potential property.
This also gives you the chance to establish some good contacts and possibly make friends in the area who may be able to give you useful advise about your intended purchase. Go on several viewing trips before settling on a house and try to visit the area in both high and low season. Take several passport-sized photographs and photocopies of your passport or other ID - you'll need them for opening bank accounts and so on.

Don't try to view too many plots, or properties in a single day - two in the morning and two in the afternoon is plenty. Photograph every plot/property from different angles and take notes, writing down any relevant details of each one. Shortlist about four or five plots/properties. Revisit them, spending time simply sitting and contemplating the view. If possible walk to the local amenities and chat to the locals and any neighbours, and get to know the area. Buying a home in the sun should be a dream come true.
However worry and stress can shatter that dread if things don't go smoothly.


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