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Renting Houses and Apartments in Greece

If you are considering staying for some length of time in Greece or looking for temporary accommodation before embarking on purchasing your own Greek property it is well worth considering renting. In Greece this is a relatively cheap alternative, especially when compared

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to many other West European countries. Finding a suitable property is the first step. If you are considering an island property then Estate Agents are a useful source of information and most island Agents will have a small amount of properties on their books. However, by far the best way is by letting it be known that you are looking for a place to rent. Greek people are, in my opinion, the friendliest in Europe and love to spend time talking to strangers in tavernas, cafes, bars and shops and spreading the word should be relatively easy to do and yield results in a very short time. The reason for this is because, often, Greek people have inherited extra houses surplus to the one they are living in. The selling of them for profit is still a fairly new concept in the Greek culture and people are happy to rent them out rather than leave them to stand empty and unused.Life in Greece becoming more expensive every year. Another alternative is to rent holiday properties outside of the season. Generally, though, these properties tend to be owned by non-Greeks and rents are considerably higher than those owned by locals.
Rental prices obviously vary depending upon the location for houses or buying land in Greece.A one-bedroom apartment in Athens or Piraeus for example can range between 150 euros to 600 euros per month. The southern suburbs of Athens like Glyfarda, Voula and Vouliagmen or the northern suburbs like Drosia, Kifisia, Marousi and Ekali being the most expensive. Suburbs to the west of Athens or down towards (or in) Piraeus offer much better value. Furthermore, if your only knowledge of Piraeus is the port don't let this give you the wrong impression. Further north of the port side, heading towards Athens, there are many very attractive suburbs with reasonably priced apartments to rent in areas like Keratsini ,Perama ,Korydallos ,Agia Varvara ,Aegaleo ,Kato Patisia ,Moshato ,Kalithea or Nea Smyrni
In Athens and Piraeus it will be difficult to find a house to rent. As in many European cities, apartments are the most usual form of accommodation. The houses that do exist for rent are very expensive due to their lack of supply. This, however, is not the case on the islands where a good mixture of houses, apartments and studios can be found in most locations at lower cost. For example, a 1 bed roomed house could cost as little as 150 euros per month and they are often fully furnished with fitted kitchens and nearly always a terrace or patio is included. Furthermore, an island property (especially one of the smaller islands) will be more likely to have properties to rent that also offer fabulous sea views.
If you are interested to buy properties in Greece check our page about Buying property in Greece and Greek real estate.Also check about the VAT in Greece

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