Property prices in Greece

The prices for properties in Greece are rather more cheaper than other European countries. There are no hidden extras when buying in Greece. On top of the sale price, expect to pay between 10 to 15 percent of the purchase price to cover purchase tax, notary fees, legal fees, land registry and stamped copies. the […]

Buying property in Greece

There is a huge choice of properties that are good value for money. However, the most populated areas of Greece, for example Athens, the neighboring Peloponnese and the larger islands like Crete tend to be more expensive due to the high demand pushing up prices. Having said this the supply is plentiful and there are […]

Causes of the financial crisis in Greece

In 2004, Greece was amongst the top 29 most developed countries of the world. Today, it has a debt of over 300 billion Euros. What has happened to the economy to cause such a catastrophic turnaround? This short article will attempt to outline the main factors that led to this financial meltdown. The economic crisis […]

athenian democracy

The Athenian Democracy

The Athenian Democracy in the Golden Age (5th BC) achived the effective administration of its wealth and the handling of the internal and external affairs with a unique participation of the citizens. The main instruments in order to acomblish that were enacted as follows: The Parliament of the 500 (Vouli ton Pentakosion). This body was […]


Mykonos History

Based on an old myth, Mykonos island was called after Apollo’s son, whose name was Mikonos . On account of his father, God of the Sun, Mykonos has been known as the isle of light. In accordance with one more story, Poseidon, in the course of his fight with the Giants, hurled large stones at […]

2011- A new Beginning

Since 2 years we haven’t update our blog for various reasons. In 2011 we will continue to write with fresh Greek News and articles from the Greek media with more frequency, almost one or two posts daily so check here every day to cutch up with the latest from Greece . During the 4 years […]


Weather and climate of Greece

The climate of Greece has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. The rainy season is limited to autumn and springtime, dry sunny summers and mild winters. In climatological terms, the weather in Greece can be divided into two main periods: the cold, which lasts from October to March and warm lasting from April to […] © 2012